Collection: PART THREE



contextual study



Evil cinema happened in the morning section. The situation of some people write too much description in the daily reflection made me realize that it happened on me as well. In addition, my research file is not up to date as well. I have to catch it up as soon as possible. 

Also today, another one-day project was indicated at the end of the day. The individual brief for tomorrow is given and as the workshop will be open, we will use the day tomorrow to produce an finished outcome. In my plan, I was going to do the body casting whole day tomorrow but I think I need to change my plan and do something else or I have to adjust the time arrangement of the whole casting process and minimize the model's time taking.

The situation bothered me a lot as I understand if I am not able to do this experiment today, I may not be able to do it in this project at all because I will not have enough time for trying this out and see if it works




From the photos I took yesterday, I wanted to look at the body hairs of male and therefore I collected 3 samples of body hair form 3 males with different color of skin and compare their body hairs. 

未标题-1A.jpgI wanted to do some experiments about recreating hairs on the skin using materials like yarns, threads, latex, plaster or resin. At the same time, I found that the different composition of the legs created interesting forms, I wanted to designing a sculptural installation that is made by male leg forms and audiences could sit on to. I want to achieve this idea by using body casting technique.

Another common answer is the kind 


I did not prepare those materials today and I decided to buy materials during the weekend and next week, I will be focusing on working in workshops.

During the weekend, I will be:

  • Researching about body casting
  • Preparing materials that I want to experiment with, eg: latex, resin


During the morning contextual workshop, I filled in the given form about thinking the project theme deeper. Although I have finished my proposal already, but the section suggested me some different points to look at for the project. For example, I decided to research more about the social effect and political problems around young people being stressed in the society. It also gives me some specific elements to look at, like unpaid internships, unstable ranted apartment and the expensive cost of living.


未题-1.jpg.4Proposal tutorial


visa workshop



Whitechapel gallery, ISelf Collection: Bumped Bodies

The London Opening 2018

Katja Novistskova

Augus-Hughs gallery, Objection


标题-1.jpg.2rewrite proposal

planning for weekends


I went to the Tate Modern Museum this morning for the Joan Jonas's exhibition. I noticed that she uses sound, visual and emotion in her works mainly and I think that her works communicate with audiences in multiple ways that is almost like bringing the viewers to another world, which is different from the world that we live in.






three ideas



Today, I had the experience of doing real life body casting. Because it is an one day project, my model has to do his work as well. Therefore, I discussed with my model that he would do some machine sewings in the morning section and in the afternoon, he could do some hand sewings while he is being my model. 

I prepared the materials I need to use for body casting, modroc cut in different sizes and shapes, shaved legs, vaseline, clean film and a bow of water. While I was shaving my model's legs, I collected all the removed hair from him for my later experiment with hair.


A lot of unexpected problems happened during the actual casting process. For example, the model felt extremely uncomfortable and really strong pains after keeping the position for a while. Therefore, after discussion, we decided to change the original plan and divided the whole process into two sections so the model had some breaks.未标题-1.jpg.23

From the experience today, I learnt about the importance of having the ability to change the plan with quick reaction and the ability of solving accidents. Planning everything in advance is a very key thing to do because it saves a lot of time in real making, but there is always a percentage of things happen beyond expectation.


From the start of the day, I went to the casting workshop and discussed with the technicians about the details of body casting that I want to try. I researched online during the weekend and I found that there are different processes of doing casting using different materials. I was not certain about which one of those methods is the most suitable in my case. During the discussion, the technician explained me about all those different casting techniques and suggested me to use plaster and modroc to make the casting case. Before the discussion, I wanted to use another material called silicone rubber because it gives a really detailed replication, but than I realized that silicone rubber is a really expensive material and it might cost me over £100 to make the size of model I wanted. Therefore, I decided to use modroc and plaster to do a trial model first and than make decision. 

I also brought some old pillows from the second chance shop to experiment with during the afternoon section. I could use wadding to make the filling by myself and I could have different sizes and shapes in a more various ways. I think it is to time consuming at the experiment stage so I just wanted to use some existed pillows to experiment with first. 


The experiment is not finished but the effect is what I wanted to achieve. I think I will use another different fabric for my final piece and I will use more pillows to produce a larger piece. 



Today, I submitted the final version of the project proposal and started to work into the sketchbook about ideas from my first interview. I found that there are several answers about sitting at somewhere with some specific conditions like 'father's thigh', 'safety belts' and 'in airplane'.

I took some primary photos about different male thighs in different positions. I noticed some common elements of having more flourish hair in comparison with females and the differences are the skin colors and the thickness of the legs. 


project proposal deadline

sketchbook develop


exhibition visit

tenderpixel gallery, becoming plants

hauser & wirth gallery, Spiegelgasse (mirror alley)


proposal written

develop the theme further

research references


theme decided


Today, the last project for foundation plus has been introduced and the special thing is that it is a long project that  lasts for 6 weeks and the project proposal and brief will be written by ourselves.

Therefore, to start thinking the theme poster notes

idea generation